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Conor MacSweeney

Alex Murphy

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“Something nearly happens to us nearly every single day, and then doesn’t. Sure if everythin’ that nearly happened to us, actually happened... We’d have way too much stuff to do.”

— Conor MacSweeney, Season 1 : Episode 3

There’s nothing to be scared of, girls are just guys with tits.
— Jock O'Keefe, Season 1 : Episode 1


Ah your rhythm is all off, I’ll lead.
— Máiréad MacSweeney, Season 1 : Episode 4

You said we’d be doin’ nice things, and these are our nice clothes, for doin’ nice things.
— Siobhan Walsh, Season 1 : Episode 3

Boop, you do it to someone you think is cute.
— Linda Walsh, Season 1 : Episode 2

One of them was tall, lanky, skinny. Kind of goofy looking.
— Sgt. Healy, Season 1 : Episode 1

If I want ya to wear it... You’re gonna f**kin’ wear it, alright!
— Billy, Season 1 : Episode 1


You’re going to be a granny in nine months time because you want sausages and smiles today.
— Barry Walsh, Season 1 : Episode 2


Ah Jesus, don’t leave him hangin’, the poor f**ker, he’s probably brickin’ it!
— Orla Walsh, Season 1 : Episode 2